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The process is simple. First, we ask that you submit this inquiry form and provide as much details as possible! Please include your dates, the number of children, their ages, what type of services you are interested in, where you will be staying and any special needs your children may require. As an alternative to submitting an Inquiry form, you can also email us directly at Christine@babysitterinitaly.com. While we can accommodate last minute, we strongly suggest booking as far in advance as possible, as our babysitters schedules do fill up!

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  • Babysitter in Italy acts strictly as a referral company only and will not be legally held responsible for any accidents, emergencies, or mishaps.
  • The Parents agree to hire the babysitters and are solely responsible for the relationship between the babysitter and the parent.
  • The Parent will pay the babysitter directly at the end of their service. Babysitter in Italy will charge a daily booking fee, for our referral services.
  • Babysitter in Italy does not employ the caretakers, or babysitters, and will not be held responsible for the conduct of any caretaker or babysitter.
  • Because Babysitter in Italy is a referral company only, our babysitters, the hotel/concierge/person/referral that contacted them from Babysitter in Italy will not accept any monetary or legal responsibility, in case of any accidents during the babysitting services.
  • If a child has any special needs, it is the parent’s responsibility to notify the agency/babysitter in advance and provide guidance on the proper way to take care of
  • Our babysitters are CPR and First Aid Certified, which makes them qualified to assist, should an accident or emergency occur.