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Some background information about us

Founded out of a necessity, Babysitter in Italy was established in 2019 by Samuele Shalloufeh, and his wife, Christine, when searching for childcare in Italy for their toddler son. After experiencing the challenges of finding a trustworthy and reliable babysitter, they decided to create Babysitter in Italy, with the mission of hiring childcare abroad, stress-free, and easy.

Babysitter in Italy is headquartered in Florence, Italy, but provides childcare services for tourists, throughout all of Tuscany, and the rest of Italy. Whether it is short term, and you only need a babysitter for a night out, or you need a dedicated babysitter for your 2-week vacation traveling throughout the country, Babysitter in Italy can match you with the perfect babysitter for your needs.  Our main goal is to provide dependable, honorable, and safe babysitting services so you and your family can have an unforgettable vacation

As parents, Samuele and Christine are very familiar with the anxiety and nerves of leaving their child with a stranger in a foreign country, after experiencing it firsthand themselves! For this reason, Babysitter in Italy offers the most reputable, and cherished, services to our clients. Services are geared towards what works for your child, and your family, catering to all your childcare needs. The main intention is to create a safe, fun, and caring environment for your children.

The babysitters go through a very extensive application process, which includes multiple interviews and a background check. All the babysitters are trained in CPR and First Aid. They are very experienced with children and speak fluent English and Italian (some speak other languages, too!). They are all vaccinated against Covid19.

Babysitter in Italy works hand in hand with all hotels, concierge teams and travel agencies. While our services are catered towards families and parents who visit Florence, Tuscany, or anywhere else in Italy, we also offer services for Italian families, or expats living in Florence.

Samuele and Christine are currently based in Florence Italy, after recently moving from Los Angeles, California, in late 2021. They have one son and are avid travelers. Prior to meeting Christine on an Italian train in 2012, and moving to California, Samuele lived in Florence for 22 years, establishing a home, with an incredible network of professional business people, doctors, lawyers, and entrepreneurs. Samuele graduated from the University of Bologna with a degree in Tourism and currently owns a textile and manufacturing sourcing company, called Benario Consulting

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