Craft with toilet rolls for children: 10 ideas

*The Booking Fee is paid directly to Babysitterinitaly.com whereas the **Babysitting Hourly Rate and any other relevant expenses are paid directly to the sitter.

** The Babysitting Hourly Rate is very dependent on a lot of different factors, like age, experience, number of kids to babysit, and region where the babysitter lives. It is always good to check the minimum wages and go from there. See what age your sitter is, what tasks you are asking of her, how much experience or relevant education she has, and go from there. 

Our added services

  • One hour Meet and Greet your Babysitter
  • Homework & Tutoring
  • Video Services
  • Special needs Care
  • Elder Care Services
  • Pet Sitting
  • Group Childcare

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