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Make your next trip to Italy memorable and worry free

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Are you planning an Italian vacation and looking for reputable and trustworthy childcare?

Do you want to create memorable memories for you and your children? Look no further!

Babysitter in Italy has you covered! Whether you need a babysitter for just one night, or full time for your holiday, we have tons of childcare options available to you and your family. With headquarters in Florence, Italy, we offer babysitting services throughout all of Italy.

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Hiring a vacation babysitter can be intimidating and nerve wrecking. That’s where we come in. After learning of your needs, we tap into our network of professional, vetted and referenced babysitters. Our process is simple and we only work with the best of the best. All of our babysitters speak fluent English and Italian. Learn more about how we can help make your family holiday stress-free!


Our rates include an affordable daily booking fee, and competitive babysitting hourly charges. Our services are centered around childcare, however we can also assist with infant care, elderly care, and dog walking


All of our babysitters come with the following qualifications:

  • Basic Babysitting Course or Training
  • First Aid and CPR Certification
  • Childcare Experience
  • References
  • Background Check

Added to that are the minimum skills required by us to be eligible as one of our babysitters: responsibility, patience, good communication skills, adaptability, and a genuine love for children


Taking care of children is the most important job in the world. The following are the main rules we ask all our babysitters to practice while performing their job:

  • The safety and healthy self-esteem of a child are more important than anyone’s embarrassment, inconvenience, or offense
  • Stay Aware, Stay Awake, and Stay Connected with the Kids Rather Than Your Technology.
  • Stay Together
  • Know How to Get Help
  • Move Away From Trouble


  • Babysitter in Italy acts strictly as a referral company only and will not be legally held responsible for any accidents, emergencies, or mishaps.
  • The Parents agree to hire the babysitters and are solely responsible for the relationship between the babysitter and the parent.
  • The Parent will pay the babysitter directly at the end of their service. Babysitter in Italy will charge a daily booking fee, for our referral services.
  • Babysitter in Italy does not employ the caretakers, or babysitters, and will not be held responsible for the conduct of any caretaker or babysitter.
  • Because Babysitter in Italy is a referral company only, our babysitters, the hotel/concierge/person/referral that contacted them from Babysitter in Italy will not accept any monetary or legal responsibility, in case of any accidents during the babysitting services.
  • If a child has any special needs, it is the parent’s responsibility to notify the agency/babysitter in advance and provide guidance on the proper way to take care of
  • Our babysitters are CPR and First Aid Certified, which makes them qualified to assist, should an accident or emergency occur.

Contact Us

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If a babysitter is needed with less than 24 hours’ notice, please call us, free using WhatsApp, at +1 (424) 275-5105 to ensure a prompt response.

Once you have completed and submitted your request, our office will be in contact straight away to let you know we are working towards finding your family the perfect babysitter. We will need a credit card in order to secure babysitter services and will send the form via email or please feel free to call this information in to us.

If there are particular expectations in a type or style of babysitter, any special requests, or other circumstances your nanny will need to know, please add to our Additional Information field. The more we know about you and your family the better we are at finding the right nanny match for you.

Parents Testimonials

We used Babysitter in Italy for a night in Florence recently and were very pleased with the whole experience. It is the first time we had ever left our 11-month old son with a non-family member. Chloe was our sitter. She was on-time, enthusiastic, and sweet with the baby. We felt very comfortable leaving our son with her, and would definitely use this service again.
John Doe, New York City, NY